A small research on.. current cloud research

I was asked to find out what other scientists are doing in the area of cloud computing. So I spent the last week with the CTU library’s Information Resources section. Using the 360Search service I found about 100 articles published in the last 2 years with the keyword “cloud computing”. It’s interesting to point out that the number of articles on this topic published since the beginning of this year is about equal to the number in all previous years. So it seems that this field of research is growing quickly.

The CTU metasearcher can find articles from all the sources that the university has subscribed. The relevant ones were ACM Digital Library with 8 conferences and 14 articles. All of them were indexed by Scopus and some with CPCI-S. Those databases, mainly the second one (published by Thomson Reuters, who also produce the ISI Web of Knowledge), are an indication of the importance of a conference.

Another source is Springer Verlag, where I found 7 journals with 8 papers. As seen from the ratio of those numbers, cloud computing is a side theme in these journals. These journals mostly seemed to be collection of conference proceedings, so they didn’t have an impact factor in ISI, but they had a SNIP number in Scopus (this is a similar bibliometrical indicator of the frequency of citations of articles in a journal, but from a different publisher). Being a marginal source was also true for EBSCOhost with 9 journals and 10 articles. Most of the journals were a kind of metalitarature for librarians, the articles were mostly analyses of application of clouds in publishing and archival.

A much better source, I may even say the best, was Elsevier with 12 journals and 25 articles. All of them had impact factors, mostly above 1.0, and SNIP indexes. I have read 6 articles from one of them and the quality was very good.

Search in IEEE returned 9 conferences with 20 articles. Some of them were found in the citation databases, some not. There was even one conference with the word cloud in the title. IEEE also had three journals with three papers, all the journals highly impacted.

The last big source of infromation relevant to cloud computing is Wiley InterScience with 4 impacted journals and 15 articles. I read 4 articles from there and the quality was also great. After that, there were also several minor sources like MIT Theses, the CTU library and the American Institute of Physics library.

To sum up the research, I present a list of topics that the ~100 articles were about, along with their frequency:

  • 33: Applications
    • 9: science
    • 7: libraries
    • 6: media
    • 4: industry
    • 3: health
    • 2: education
    • 1: enterprise
    • 1: web
  • 18: Security
    • 7: discussion
    • 5: mathematics
    • 4: practical
    • 2: monitoring
  • 17: Infrastructure
    • 11: cloud optimization
    • 4: deployment report
    • 2: architecture
  • 12: General
    • 5: report
    • 4: management
    • 3: green computing
  • 11: Distributed systems
    • 7: cloud HPC
    • 4: parallelization middleware
  • 4: Foundation
    • 2: hypervisors
    • 2: processors
  • 1: Teaching
    • 1: programming

About vondrt4

Master’s degree from the FEL CTU, branch Electrotechnics and Informatics, specialization System programming. Interests in computer system and network administration, embedded device programming, VoIP telecommunications, wireless networks (incl. coverage planning), information security, audio/video processing. Currently a doctoral degree student focusing on cloud computing (IaaS and PaaS levels), hybrid clouds and practical application of these technologies.
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