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Master’s degree from the FEL CTU, branch Electrotechnics and Informatics, specialization System programming. Interests in computer system and network administration, embedded device programming, VoIP telecommunications, wireless networks (incl. coverage planning), information security, audio/video processing. Currently a doctoral degree student focusing on cloud computing (IaaS and PaaS levels), hybrid clouds and practical application of these technologies.

A trip to France, or how to be a scientist and a tourist at once

Last month, I’ve been to Nice, France to present an article at the Cloud Computing 2012 conference. It was a rather small conference, with only about 150 people divided to some 7 tracks. The Cloud Computing track was by far … Continue reading

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A small research on.. current cloud research

I was asked to find out what other scientists are doing in the area of cloud computing. So I spent the last week with the CTU library’s Information Resources section. Using the 360Search service I found about 100 articles published … Continue reading

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Lecture on cloud computing

Last thursday, I had my first lecture. I’ve given it in the VIA (Internet Application Development) course and it was (you probably guessed right) about Cloud Computing. You’ll probably find the lecture slides on the subject’s website, in case you’re … Continue reading

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Eucalyptus finally stable

Last week, I finally managed to bring our Eucalyptus installation to a stable state again, after some 2 months of fiddling with it. Again is the key word here, because we already had it running quite well in the last … Continue reading

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Full Battery Emulator

About two weeks ago, I published some four thesis topics and behold, I already have one bachelor student signed up. His name is Lukáš Vydržel and the topic he chose is the Full Battery Emulator. It’s not one of my … Continue reading

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